chez nous café

Diverse delights await you at Chez Nous Café's breakfast buffet.
Our buffet offers a variety of Chinese and Western hot dishes,
including congee, scrambled eggs, and bacon, allowing you to indulge as you please.

In addition, you can enjoy fresh and crisp salads, nutritious cornflakes, assorted breads, and fruits.
No matter your taste preferences, we can satisfy your palate.
We look forward to welcoming you and sharing a delicious morning together!

Meal time
Breakfast 07:00-09:30

All of the quarantine meals
are made from
"chez nous café".

Healthy eating is our purpose.

Gathering new perspectives and attitudes towards Taipei, a city of design,
our space radiates warmth, offering tranquility within the urban bustle.
Starting with our beloved Chinese cuisine and traditional cooking methods,
we have developed a borderless culinary approach.
By blending local Taiwanese flavors with international techniques,
we craft Chinese classic dishes that are colorful, fragrant, and full of flavor.

Online Menu

Meal time
Lunch 11:00-14:00
Coming soon.